UDA Golf Academy

September to May (32 Weeks)

Inclusive of all coaching and golf fees, including visits to the British Open Championship Courses, UDA Performance Golf Package and Insurance.


Total cost: £6,500

Installments can be made monthly, but balance must be paid by Dec 1st 2019

Once you have identified your course degree and accommodation, we will be able to give you the actual cost. 


Typical Cost break down:

UniversityTuition: £12,000 - £14,000

Accommodation: £7,000 - £9,000 (Depending on choice of meal plan and type of accommodation)

Elite Golf Academy: £6,500


Total: £24,500 - £28,500 (depending on Accommodation selection)

  • International Scholarships available for qualified students up to £2,000

  • 50% Merit Scholarship for top scholars (on select academic courses)



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